Jen Craun

Virtual Gallery

I’m honored to be the featured artist for March at the Loren Naji Virtual Gallery. He’s most generous with his curatorial statement, and spot on in his reading of the work:

“Jen Craun’s handsome intaglio prints incorporate images that are somewhat abstract, yet they are obviously loaded with symbolic origins. Her minimalistic compositions are richly laid on toned areas that highlight interesting geometric forms and topographical “linescapes” in an abstract sense. They are sophisticated with a sense of “The Zen of Design” that beckons the viewer to investigate further meaning within this abstraction.

With this, one discovers symbols representing gems, landscape, waves of the earth, diamonds and gold. We see a question as to the value and meaning to this “facet” of our world.

Coincidentally, these diminutive 8” x 10” prints are gems in themselves!”

Diamond Extracted

It’s a delightful little online exhibition featuring a few of my favorite small etchings from my Mine Series. See more of the Mine Series here. View the Virtual Gallery here.

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