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Recovering. A Book and a Ball of String.

I whipped up a sweet little jotter cover as a quick Happy birthday! present for a friend this weekend.

Though I often find myself making reminders and to-do lists on my iPhone, I find more often that I enjoy most the quickly scrawled and handwritten kind on a page of paper. I like the pressure of the pen scratching across the paper, the sound  of fast writing, the frenetic look of part-cursive part-printed hybrid script. I like the parsed words, and the little envelope picture that I always draw after a lowercase “e” when I am jotting down a list of e-mail reminders. The little envelope, nowhere on my phone’s keypad, only on millions of my paper trails.

I keep books at my ready for all sorts of note-needs, and list making. I have several stacked on both of my desks, one in my handbag, and two in my car. Always at-the-ready with a pen. Books make me unbelievably happy. I even save my all-filled-up one’s, they are such a great seasonal record. My all time favorite and now filled little jotter, is the grocery list book I made while Dave and I lived in Florence. It’s sweetly evident by our food list, and other scrawlings––including metric measuring conversions, and necessary ingredient translations––that this book lived its life elsewhere than Cleveland, and well before children. Our lists today are drastically different.

The piles of books I make, and all their potential pages bring me terrific pleasure. Like this ball of string I love also, it’s all the beautifully waiting potential–– measured out and used up slowly. A book and a ball of string.

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