Jen Craun


I like to think of these prints as departures on postcards. I have long been interested in the relationships between people via dialogue written or verbally exchanged.  In these works, I exploit and visually interpret aspects of my daily exchanges through image and text in an attempt to provide artistic evidence of the conversations. These works are sweetly poetic, and hopeful despite sometimes daunting immediate circumstances. This evolving suite of prints also speaks to my interest in public and private relationships, and the overlap that occurs in the process of communication through travel and post. This series began during my time spent in Dresden, on an artist residency to the Grafikwerkstatt,  as a way to articulate my initial efforts to make visual my first impressions of the city, my experiences, and the lulling atmosphere of a language unfamiliar to my ears. I find myself often returning to this series–making new prints–for the comfort of sorting out the now.

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