Jen Craun

More Words on Inherent.

The Cleveland Arts Network–outside of the gorgeous quarterly glossy they produce–also keeps Cleveland connected to the arts with a weekly e-mail. I was delighted to read this brief review of my exhibition in last week’s CAN e-mail:

We began our viewing Friday night with Jen Craun’s Inherent, an entirely new collection of wood intaglio prints at Maria Neil Art Project. The newness is noteworthy because less than three months ago Craun opened Of the Earth, another show of wood intaglio at BAYarts. At MNAP, she continues her use of the medium, accentuated by gold leaf, to explore value and how it is derived by mining materials from the earth. The gold leaf contrasts against the stark and gritty grey scale of black ink, applied with scratched wood plates. These are partly gestural works in that the scratches sometimes evolve from movements that allude to the scratch of the earth to mine gold and other elements. That’s balanced by the very careful lines that allude to molecular and crystaline structures in which we find value.

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