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How are we already approaching the New Year? I had such a great plan charted out for keeping this place frequently updated, and then the surprising busy-ness of this semester swallowed up all of my extra time and energy. I managed to maintain some fairly consistent studio time each week, however, but had very little spare time to process it here.  I have committed more time for the studio in the coming semester, by lightening my teaching schedule, which I am looking forward to immensely.

Just before Christmas, I started up a new suite of prints about struggle and surviving, and the duality of definitive words. Many of the finished pieces currently hang in Heights Art Gallery, as well as Zygote Press through the New Year. Several that are still in progress are slated for exhibition in a show titled Salvage, that will open at the Tri-C Gallery West on Tuesday January 22, 2013 with an Artist Reception on Wednesday January 30th from 5-7 pm.

Craun Dash

Describing the exhibition, the curator–Lisa Schonberg–writes:

“This group exhibition displays a wide range of images and dynamic ideas produced through various printmaking processes. The works incorporate salvaged materials or the idea of salvaging, either in the process of printing, in the content or in the assembly of the art object. When using a variety of unconventional materials, an inventive range of concepts can develop which prove to be a basis for each artist’s unique aesthetic goals.”

The pieces I am working on this week include some collage of security print envelopes, and potentially some flocking [fingers crossed!], I’ll post some here as I finish them up. Promise.

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