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Large Print, and Full Page.

The ArtCares Benefit was this last weekend. I donated a limited edition of prints–40 of them–to be given to significant donors and supporters, benefiting the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. I was delighted to see my page of appreciation in the program:

I said page, yeah! How cool is that? I got my own page, and my name in big print. I also had a framed artist proof from the edition on display at the event. It was a fun endeavor, creating the edition of prints. I layered up 3 runs of pressure-printing, and then hit them with two more layers of screen print over top. I love the final image; the title is Indeterminate [Pictured above right, and the first image of my current work]. I love the poetic references to time and nature. And the registration of the two dash marks [perpendicular to one another] that turn the minuses into pluses in the lower rows of the print really steals my heart. It’s that little ridge of navy ink that indicates their overlap. Swoon.

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