Jen Craun


In this work, I draw parallels between place and travel, notions of home, and the longing to return to seasons and moments, as well as physical locations. This suite of prints examine the desire and dedication to journey home that is innate to the homing pigeon, and explore the similar desires I have to understand the pulling of home and place, and the longing to return to places of previous life or memory. These large prints articulate the landscape that is created by collaboration of past and present place, and the threads of personal attachments connecting them. I create these prints using large wood plates that I print in combinations of relief, intaglio and cut stencil. I also use torn paper to block out and create layered printed forms that accumulated to create a landscape. Many of the works in this series also include small bits of language and diagrams culled from maps, and collage of ephemera from travel.

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