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Coming and Going; the New Work is on the Move.

My exhibition at the Urban Orchid was wildly successful, and I was so honored to have such great support of friends and family at the Opening Reception. I enjoyed a slew of sales, and had many encouraging conversations about next steps with the work and additional exhibition opportunities on the horizon.

The wide and tall walls of the gallery space made my enormous prints [30″ x 44″ framed] feel more manageable [read: smaller] in scale than they did at the press!

Large Frames Urban Orchid

It was great to see the small etchings hanging adjacent to the large wood intaglio pieces, and the dialog that they have with one another was exactly as I envisioned.

Small Framed Sold

The show came down last week, and it was such a pleasure to only bring home half of the work due to sales. The pieces that did come back to the studio are already sorted out, and headed in several directions for their next opportunities — it feels great to be hitting such a stride with the new work.

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