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Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Opening Reception of my current solo show, Inherent, at the Maria Neil Art Gallery. As John Farina coined it “Crowds for Craun,” it was such an encouragement to be surrounded and supported by so many friends and colleagues in the art community.

Crowds for Craun

Opening Reception of Inherent, photo credit: John Farina.

If you missed the opening party, don’t fret – the exhibition is up through February 22nd, so stop in and check it out. Shoot me an e-mail, and I’d be happy to meet you there.

Craun Inherent

One of my favorite photos from the evening is this one below of my cousin — who made the trek up from Columbus (definitively securing the furthest traveled award) and looking positively smashing with the work.

Erin at Inherent

I have no idea who took this photograph, but thank you! It was a gallery-goer that noticed how awesomely perfect this image was, who then offered to capture it, and further shared it with my cousin. Much appreciated!

Artist Talking

on Oct 30 in Blog, Exhibition

I enjoyed a small crowd in the gallery last night for my Artist’s Talk at Bay Arts in conjunction with my solo exhibition Of the Earth. I especially found the Q+A portion at the end of the talk to be quite rich, as people shared their insights into the work.

Because I am never quite sure where to put my long arms, I tend to flail them around wildly as I talk to animate my points. Here are my favorite action shots from the brief talk:

2015 OCT BayArts Talk

Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially those who asked questions and kept me on my toes.

NOADA Art Expo 2015 | New Wood Intaglio Pieces

on May 06 in Blog, Exhibition, Print

I am excited to have work included in this year’s NOADA [Northern Ohio Art Dealers Association] Art Expo being held at the Transformer Station from Thursday May 7th through Sunday May 10th. My work is being represented by the Maria Neil Art Gallery. Hot off the press, you can catch the first glimpse of two new wood intaglio pieces, including Inherent Structure, below:

Inherent Structure

The other new piece that will be included in the Expo is Clarity Inclusions, below:

Clarity Inclusions

These two prints join the growing Mine Series of large wood intaglio pieces, see the other three right here. Also at the Expo, are many new small etchings from the Mine Studies Series, including You’re a Gem, below:

you're a gem

And Diamond Extracted, below:

diamond extracted

Visit the 2015 NOADA Art Expo this weekend to see more of these works, and many other fine treasures. Tickets are only $10, and you can grab those right here.

Coming and Going; the New Work is on the Move.

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My exhibition at the Urban Orchid was wildly successful, and I was so honored to have such great support of friends and family at the Opening Reception. I enjoyed a slew of sales, and had many encouraging conversations about next steps with the work and additional exhibition opportunities on the horizon.

The wide and tall walls of the gallery space made my enormous prints [30″ x 44″ framed] feel more manageable [read: smaller] in scale than they did at the press!

Large Frames Urban Orchid

It was great to see the small etchings hanging adjacent to the large wood intaglio pieces, and the dialog that they have with one another was exactly as I envisioned.

Small Framed Sold

The show came down last week, and it was such a pleasure to only bring home half of the work due to sales. The pieces that did come back to the studio are already sorted out, and headed in several directions for their next opportunities — it feels great to be hitting such a stride with the new work.

Time and Place

on Jul 26 in Blog, Exhibition

I received a bundle of postcards in this afternoon’s mail, for an exhibition that I am included. Half of which is currently on display in Dresden, the other half of the exhibition will be displayed in Columbus, with a reception in September. The exhibition is titled Time and Place. This resonates with me on so many levels.

Much of my work is about place, and the notions of home and comfort. And I generally think of my work in printed series as seasons; time is always present in my work, as I grapple to articulate the right now. The two pieces that I included–one in each of the exhibition locations–are pressure prints using letterpress, printed over monoprints from my Suburban Paradigm series, that I have further layered with aerial line drawings of housing developments. The orange arrow on the lower right of the card is a detail of the prints that I included, they are titled present patterns; impermanence I and II.

Local readers, swing on in to see them on view in Columbus, all of the details of the exhibition and reception are below:

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