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And then it was gone. And back again.

I’ve been so tragically behind here in this space. I stop in on occasion, like a visitor, and then I promise myself that I will write the posts [really soon] that are percolating in my head, and insert all the images that are littering my desktop. And then days of quiet roll into weeks. I am making. In snippets of time, both in my home studio and in the print shop at Zygote Press. I am making work.

In a wave this afternoon, I glanced at my calendar, it is the tenth. TENTH! Then suddenly I remember that my hosting expired on the eighth, only I confused it with my domain name, which I apparently renewed in May, and forgot about. And it’s the tenth! And I am gone, I click over to my homepage and I arrive to an “expired site message” and I want to cry a river. How did I lose track?!

Keeping up. This constant frustration. Heck, even the very content of my work laments this struggle. The balance of time and energy. The weight of roles.

Frantically, I tried to cull my poor memory for my domain name and hosting information that now seems ancient, sorting through old log-ins and passwords, and such. And in moments, after deciding to call the toll-free number and just beg for help, I am talking to Brandon and paying three years in advance for hosting. I joke that that in three years I will only faintly remember this call, and I will be squarely here again. I’m kidding. But I wish it weren’t so likely.

I wonder briefly where I should write a note to my future self. Might it be here, when I am posting with regularity and zeal? Where I am showing both work in progress as well as finished pieces. Where I am updating the news section — including such information like my recent sale to the Metro Health Hospitals, which now puts my work in their permanent collection! Perhaps I should put it into my iCal, or scrawl it onto a paper note and put it into my ever-growing pile of important tid-bits.

So. Here I type in this moment. Starting now, and not soon. And it is my hope [again] to be more consistent and current. Here’s hoping.

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