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American Greetings Wall Art Commission.

Over the Summer I printed my largest undertaking to date, to the tune of a 9 foot by 30 foot wall. Thankfully, the task was broken down into multiple panels of cardstock, though at that square footage — it required 95 individual panels. The project was demanding in so many ways, but I absolutely enjoyed the challenge of printing + registering these larger-than-life drawings.


Hive Mind Wall Installation, Jen Craun [2016]. Photo Credit: American Greetings.

Just before Christmas, the piece was finally installed, and friends — it is such a giant beauty to behold. Including the millions of little shiny circles of gold leaf and black foil; 305 to be exact. It was a fantastically sparkly mess to apply, and the happiest finishing touch. It was the best culminating goodbye in creating such a big piece.

I am so honored to have had this commission opportunity, and to now have such a large presence in the brand new American Greetings World Headquarters building. Overseeing the installation was a wild ride, and a terrific experience to get to talk with all the surrounding employees who work in the technical arena of American Greetings. The title of the piece is Hive Mind, and it serves a visual metaphor/reminder of the importance of all aspects of tech support to the creative industry.


Wall Installation detail, Jen Craun [2016]. Photo Credit: American Greetings.

It was wonderful to collaborate on this project, and print over top the many press sheets provided by the American Greetings creative studios. The various layers/aspects of their greeting cards as the background creates a lovely energy to the piece, and highlights the diversity of their brand and the occasions for which cards are sent/received. I especially love the CMYK offset print strips on the long sides of the panels, and how they connect and shift, shaking down the wall in vertical bands.


Wall Installation Side View, Jen Craun [2016]. Photo Credit: American Greetings.


Wall Installation Tech West View, Jen Craun [2016]. Photo Credit: American Greetings.

My biggest thanks for this opportunity, and credit for all the photos in this post, goes to American Greetings. Also, a huge shout out to John, the highly-skilled paper-hanger, who meticulously hung every single panel with caution and care.

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  1. John Haas says:

    Appreciate the shout out. It was my pleasure to be involved in such a small part of the finished product.

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