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All that Sparkles.

I’m testing toner transfer foils in the studio today, and looking for alternative options for screen printed adhesion. Initial results are promising, and certainly sparkly.


So far, direct transfers fused onto black toner are working the best. I was hoping a toner transfer laid down enough toner, but initial results are looking scratchy and inconsistent.


I’m trying to avoid having to run my oversized prints through a plotter, so I have more testing to do with various adhesives that have a good open time in my screen and on the cottony print paper. I also need the printed layer to become slightly tacky with an application of heat and pressure to create a smooth transfer. The glue stick, above left in blue, certainly sparks some promise though, and I love the mark it’s making immensely.


The foils also seem to prefer office paper, and other coated stocks, so getting a smooth transfer on print paper seems another challenge to overcome.


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